Thursday, March 6, 2014

New goodies!

As March Started a bunch of events started! :D Some of it has brought new Lolita goodies.

Violent Seduction has started a line of SLINK feet High Heels!! Today the new Slink sim opens Slink WEST and Violent Seduction has a stall on it!! Her Fool's Gold Skeleton heels for HIGH feet and her Heart Heels for MID feet are both HALF OFF for the sim opening.

Buttery Toast has come out with another line of socks, the Ribbon socks! Here I'm showing the blue and she's got a ton of other color PLUS a fattie pack. :D <3

Chapter 4 has opened ON THE 4th of course lolol and in it we have a BUNCH of goodies.

These adorable heels are by Mango Cheeks and are in the two for one area of chapter 4! :D There's a light pack and a dark pack for 199L each. TWO pairs of shoes for 199L!!

Birdy has a new ADORABLE animal Gacha, of course and as usual, for Spring animals. I'm showing off the bunny but you can get duckies on your head, rabbits, lambs, and a special rare is a fawn!! :D They move a bit and blink and are oh so adorable!!

Oh La la has a cute Gacha of bags with two rare plushies! I'm showing off the Bunny A but there are two bunnies, two foxes, others, and PLUSHIES as rares!!

The Arcade has also opened and there is a TON there that can be used in Lolita. :D! I'm showing off one of Katat0nik's Cameo mini top hats~ There's a bunch of décor stuff there, too, to make the PERFECT scene! So go check out the arcade! :D

Ellabella has a nice dress out at Futurewear.. if that's still open... <____<; I'm pretty slow on showing this dress off, and I'm sorry, but it's totally lolita worthy! :D