Thursday, March 6, 2014

New goodies!

As March Started a bunch of events started! :D Some of it has brought new Lolita goodies.

Violent Seduction has started a line of SLINK feet High Heels!! Today the new Slink sim opens Slink WEST and Violent Seduction has a stall on it!! Her Fool's Gold Skeleton heels for HIGH feet and her Heart Heels for MID feet are both HALF OFF for the sim opening.

Buttery Toast has come out with another line of socks, the Ribbon socks! Here I'm showing the blue and she's got a ton of other color PLUS a fattie pack. :D <3

Chapter 4 has opened ON THE 4th of course lolol and in it we have a BUNCH of goodies.

These adorable heels are by Mango Cheeks and are in the two for one area of chapter 4! :D There's a light pack and a dark pack for 199L each. TWO pairs of shoes for 199L!!

Birdy has a new ADORABLE animal Gacha, of course and as usual, for Spring animals. I'm showing off the bunny but you can get duckies on your head, rabbits, lambs, and a special rare is a fawn!! :D They move a bit and blink and are oh so adorable!!

Oh La la has a cute Gacha of bags with two rare plushies! I'm showing off the Bunny A but there are two bunnies, two foxes, others, and PLUSHIES as rares!!

The Arcade has also opened and there is a TON there that can be used in Lolita. :D! I'm showing off one of Katat0nik's Cameo mini top hats~ There's a bunch of d├ęcor stuff there, too, to make the PERFECT scene! So go check out the arcade! :D

Ellabella has a nice dress out at Futurewear.. if that's still open... <____<; I'm pretty slow on showing this dress off, and I'm sorry, but it's totally lolita worthy! :D

Monday, February 24, 2014

Fitted Mesh and what it means for you!

Fitted mesh is the next big wave to hit SL, and man is it amazing. This is a brand new skeleton for rigging purposes of creating mesh. This means it works WITH most, if not ALL of the sliders. Works with the bumbum and the booboos. :D Meaning you can keep YOUR SHAPE while wearing BEAUTIFUL MESH products.

It was released about a week or so ago? And Iki from Violent Seduction JUMPED up on that with a test dress that she's put in a Gacha for the low low price of 60L a play. The purpose of this is to get all the bugs fixed before it's moved on to firestorm and gets big, so if you happen to get the dress and have issues with it PLEASE NC Iki about them immediately. Or Chobii if you're shy or something and I'll pass the word on to her.
A few notes from her.

I thought I'd go over what fitted mesh is since it's still quite new and people are getting it confused with Liquid Mesh.

- Fitted Mesh is NOT a hack, it's a new feature in the update of the SL viewer. You may have heard about "Mesh Deformation" and "Liquid Mesh". Fitted Mesh works in the same way but is more powerful since LL has completely changed the SL skeleton to support it.

- Since the skeleton has changed, Fitted mesh now moves with boobs and butts (And other parts not previously supported by liquid mesh). And yes - It supports physics.

- Since Fitted Mesh is so new, I happened to stumble across quite a huge bug in regards to firestorm viewers. Firestorm viewers will crash if you wear fitted mesh around them. I have been contacted by a QA person and provided them some of my finished models so they can test and add the capabilities to firestorm sooner - so hopefully that will be rolled out soon. I don't know if this applies to other viewers.

  • Lastly you will ONLY be able to see and use this in the newest LL viewer.”

At first we thought that meant it just went UP from the original mesh, but our adorable femboy Caxy tested it out because he so dearly wanted to wear Iki's works and learned for us that the sliders work BOTH WAYS. This means you have the freedom of being a fattie-chan like me (and I use the term endearingly because I -like- it), a flattie-chan like Caxy, or a cutie-chan like Lili. I'm wearing my larger shape that I used to show off Rotten Toe's new skin for bigger girls to show that this mesh moves WITH the stomach sliders, giving you a bigger, more round shape. Caxy is one of our cute femboys who has been unable to use mesh SINCE it came out due to not having/wanting boobs. This has left the femboy community in lolita (OUR BROLITAS. ;A;) without much to lolita in! Fitted mesh CHANGES THAT FOR GOOD. :''''D Lili's in her normal shape since I wanted a one of every kind type look. In the Standard sizing I would wear a M/L (though more a M than anything, Lili would wear xxs/s, and Caxy would wear s/m depending on which OC he's wearing. :] This ONE dress fits ALL of us due to this new rigging system. :'D

Make sure you read the notes and the note card before contacting Iki with any issues, and enjoy the final coming of mesh heaven!

We also have a new release by The Sugar Garden!!

Thank you Caxy and Lili for modeling with me. :D

Other credits;

Hair from left to right;
Aiko by LCKY(Limited and unavailable!), Big Doll House by Llamb, and Faye by Ploom

Hair Bows from left to right
Crowned Jeweled hair bow side version by The Sugar Garden, Lo*Momo's Ajuga hair bow B, Crowned Jewel Hair bow Middle version by The Sugar Garden

Socks from left to right,
Toeless sheer stockings by Blah, Prissy Socks by The Sugar Garden, and Gradient Socks by Buttery Toast

Shoes from Left to right
Lolita Platform Pumps by The Sugar Garden, Storybrook Heels by Mango Cheeks

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More goodies!

Hey Loveloves~ Another update for yooou~

Firstly I'd like to welcome the owner of Buttery Toast to the group! I've brought you her socks before, and again today I'm here to show you a new group of socks she's made that have AZZ and SLINK appliers to keep our more curvy lolitas keepin' their curves!

Just as I go and pick those up I spot a GACHA on her flickr FOR CROWNS. Can't be a lolita without a good collection of crowns, right? :'D

AAAHH~ I listed a few of my favorites here, but she has color mixes that go -amazingly- for whatever type of Lolita you're in the mood foor! Even Bitter Sweet!!! O: <3

The Sugar Garden also released shoes like I mentioned last time, that I didn't have finished. Haha. I have a couple pictures for you now!

The ankle wings are detatchable and can be worn with other things if you want, and these platforms are AAHHH a dream. I seriously love them.

While at Chapter 4 last round I fell upon Half Deer's Beret's and heard from a certain lolita in our group that she wears those more than head bows IRL. So I decided I'd show the one I ended up with (for now) to you guys so you can all run over and grab some adorable and delicious looking head coverings for yourselves! <33

Rotten Toe released an Easter Lolita dress last week, which is ADORABLE. With it I finally got around to wearing her latest skin release, called cupcake, that gears towards bigger girls. Being a bigger girl myself, I am PRO bigger girls!!! I dolled this skin up with freckles and stuff and FINALLY felt as cute as our Ms. Psyche, FOR ONCE.

We missed Kiki's Birthday! WAH! So this week's THEME for the meet is Cosplay Maids. No lolita necessary as I'm letting the birthday people pick themes if they want to have their birthday supported and celebrated by the group! See everyone at 7pm SLT this Friday for Kiki's Birthday baaash!! <3 EDDIIITTT!! I was unsure on the release of these earlier but got a hold of Angelexa! :'D Dark Midday Designs made ruffled stockings that are all mesh, part liquid mesh, AND allow you to hide parts so you can still wears boots and stuff if you'd like! O: These bad boys come in a colors pack which has a hud driven 75+ texture combinations! She also has an ADORABLE ring out for her V-day gift. Tomorrow is the LAST DAY loves, so go pick it up!

As if those stockings weren't amazing enough on their own, she then put out a PATTERNS version!!

Each color comes with all the patterns shown! :'D Each color is ALSO shown. Still has the same ribbon/ruffle color changing options! Sooo good! <333

Wanna grab cupcake or the new dress? X
Wanna grab socks or crowns? X
Wanna grab winged shoes? X
Wanna delicious beret? X

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Please Welcome Eilfie from The Sugar Garden!!!

Hello loves! Today I have some things to show you that have come out by The Sugar Garden. Eilfie has been putting out SO MANY accessories that work SO WELL with lolita that I finally stopped blushing long enough to invite her to the group! She's broguht out some Floral Collars andHeart Chain collars for Valentine's Day that are trans, so boys you can get them for your sweetieess!!

She's also brought out some ADORABLE Jellies that made me diiie. They're a STEAL at only 90L a pair while at Kustom 9!!!

She also brought out some platforms today that stole my heart, but pictures of those and Half Deer's Berets from Chapter 4 will be coming to you in a few days!! :D

Along with the wonderful addition of Eilfie to the group, I've finally gotten to sit still long enough to show you a few colors of Buttery Toast's socks that work for Slink and cute/phat azz! Love the designers that are keeping us curvy beneath our petticoats!!

Katat0nik also put out a limited edition RED version of her Choco dress for V-day that's only available on the Market Place. Check my personal blog to see it~ It's available ONLY on the MP, and can be gifted! Keep lookin' cute loves! <3

Thursday, January 30, 2014

New HQ!

Calling all our lovely lolitas and brolitas~ We have a new HQ for the group! In this post are some pretty pictures that Saka snapped of the land Lili, Hideki, and Cho decorated took to show you how good of a job they did! This is where all our future meets will take place as well! So be sure to save a landmark (or two, incase you misplace it). <3 Stop by any time!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Amazing hair combination!

Princes and Princesses in petticoats~ Today I am bringing you the credits from our last post, Good Morning, which can be found HERE on my personal blog.

I am also bringing you a to die for hair style that our very own Lilikins is sporting in one of her blog posts, Dino Day Off.

Please see blogs for credits and enjoy these coords!

Note: Outfit worn on Lili is not lolita and is not to be mistaken as lolita. I am purely showing you the hair which can be used wonderfully to mimic the twintails look we can purchase as wigs irl! <3 :D

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Good Morning!!

I like to stick to my word, and sticking I am! I figure, no better time than today! I want to start showing you guys every release that can be used in lolita. That's right. EVERY RELEASE. It's gonna be hard, but I'm going to do my best.

Now, I don't have all the L in the world, so I can't be first up on blogging -everything- without help. After all, this group is a community. A community for the love of a fashion. In order to help with this..

MEMBERS <3 You lovely will be the heart and soul of everything I do. Taking life into account and my illnesses, because we all know that's taking the biggest toll on me, it's obvious I can't be everywhere at once, or do everything myself. In order to help with the new items that can be used in lolita actually getting blogged quickly you can help by trying to keep me in the know. See something released that can be used for Lolita that hasn't been bloged or sent out in a notice yet by the group? Please NC or IM Chobii with the information. Have the item already and coorded it and want to show it off? Please take pictures and send either them or the links to them on your Flickr to Chobii. Make sure there is at least ONE close up of the item and either a link to your blog for the credits to the item OR list them in a note card. :] Everyone's face is welcome on the group blog.

DESIGNERS <3 Without you we'd have nothing to wear, so you're the most important part of our lives! Or, our pixel lives? If you want to get your items blogged quickly please send noticed out to the group to ensure our members know about them. Keeping within the rules of the lolita fashion. If you're unsure whether or not your item fits? Please NC or IM Chobii to figure it out! As a standard I will say that I won't tell anyone no to skins or most hairs as almost any of either can be used in lolita always. Things sent out in note cards to not have to be complete outfit releases. We love mixing and matching!~ Send out shoes, nails, accessories, jumper skirts, blouses, bags, or plain bell shaped knee length skirts out to the group whenever you make them. <3 Because I do not have all the funds in the world the fastest and easiest way to get an item blogged will be to send it to me as a review item because it will be shown on both my personal AND the lolita blog that way. I, however, do not expect this from anyone so the most helpful will be keeping us in the know as to when you release something!!

Starting it off is an adorable release from Dark Midday Designs. This Cupid Skirt with Bloomers are not only totally adorable but resembling a lot of close lolita fashions! Because of this and their ability to be used under some mesh lolita skirts I've decided to share them with all of you!!! I tried for an Ouji type look, and with Pepper's help I did... okay...? xD I hope you guys enjoy it. Keep an eye out on Chobii's personal blog for details in the outfit in the beginning of next week! <3