Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mary's Tea Paaarttyy!!!

One of the changes I'm making to the group is something that was offered to us before, but seeing as we had land for the group and I had a lot going on at the time, it was declined.

This is the ability to host lolita gatherings in your own home or on your own sim that will be discussed between myself and whoever would like to host one, and then inform the group.

The first person to have the honor of hosting one, was the person who originally asked if they could do so- Mary.

Last Friday at 12pm SLT, a few of us gathered at Mary's place for some casual conversation and tea in one of her many sitting rooms~

We had a 'best dressed' contest that went on, and while we were there, someone else donated 100L to the pot. Which, with my input and Mary's input, left it at a total of 300L prize just for hanging out!

Vincent (Vivi), being our only gentleman in anything remotely victorian/lolita, and Betty, who showed off not only one, but three different outfits all decked out with accessories to match, ended up being the prize winners and splitting the 300L prize!

Mary was also playing some music while we were there, letting us in on her musical tastes~

Lovebug hopped on my account while I was making us lunch, because he stayed home from work sick, and ended up having even more conversation with everyone than I had myself! (I'm having shoulder pains. <..3)

We're planning another one at the moment, and Mary's even offered to allow her home to be a hangout for lolitas. As soon as I can get the details discussed with her, I'll put more information on here.

Once the next party is all set, I'll be sending out a notice, so keep an eye out! <3 I hope to see more of you at our next meet!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Ambrosia Store Review!

It's taken me quite a while to finally get on to this, mostly due to the release of Tales of Xillia, but I've finally gotten all the pictures taken and readied!

The first time Saka and I took a shot at this, I wasn't really pleased with the outcome, and I felt that better could be done. With that in mind I'm going back over and reviewing a lot of, if not all of, the stores listed on the Lolita Store list released in July. I'm doing this in hopes of not only showing off the multiple lolita looks that can be made from these stores, but also to inspire creativity to all of those who want to frill themselves up in petticoats and bows.

...and other Lolita stuff but let's face it, bows are my favorite. XD! <3

A lot of things are changing with the group right now. Title changes and a logo change being one of the first~

Please note that the hearts over Saka's face were meant to be a sign of respect. When certain things happened there was no way to ensure that using her face was alright, therefore it was been blocked out. It will not be blocked out in future blog posts~



Ambrosia is a store for cute girls clothes run by a Japanese designer who, despite not speaking English very well, is very friendly and welcoming when spotted in her store. Most of her new releases are made in a special color and available as group gifts on her lucky boards. She also runs frequent group hunts, none of which I remember being paid hunts. They are also not impossible, which I adore. I don't have the willpower to push myself through too difficult a hunt.

Aside from the hunts and lucky baords, which offer those who not only frequent her store and are apart of her group's awesome goodies, she is like the -master- of making cute accessories to go with her outfits. All of which are put in gachas in the many colors of the outfits for us to play a mix and match game with our friends while we try to collect them all. Seriously, gacha remind me of my pokemon days.

I have to have them all. <_<;

Now, Ambrosia doesn't specialize in Lolita clothes, but there are very few stores in Second Life that do. Her clothes can -easily- be made into cute lolita looks with the addition of a blouse, over the knee socks, and appropriate foot wear. She already makes adorable hair bows and hair pieces that fit in with the lolita theme and match many of her outfits. Aside from bringing us cute clothes we can work with, she also makes clothes for anyone who wants to look cute in general. She also has a mini chapel area where she has formal and wedding attire. In her store, you'll also find cute summer clothes, a school uniform, idol, and punk looking clothes, along with classy and warm winter looking clothes. The store is well rounded with a little something for everyone, and the prices make a broke SLian(My word for SL peoples) -very- happy.

There is a corner of the store that is set up as a scene to match the seasons, usually, that is nice for just relaxing in while waiting for the LB or for taking pictures in. While we were there, it was a cute little sweets table, and we hung out for a while between pictures! <3

If Ambrosia's prices weren't already fair and appealing enough as is, there is also an outlet store where she houses her season pieces that people may have missed, along with some of the items she's remade and/or redesigned with the originals for a cheaper price. Some of the older and more popular group gifts are also available there, so definitely worth taking a look around!

I don't want to give a number scale, but all in all I think Ambrosia is a great store. I love their clothes, accessories, and how easy everything is to work with.

Don't just take my word for it. Go take a look yourself! <3


I've been resending the Meet-A-Lolita cards! I'm going to be doing a post with them soon, since I'm hoping to gather a few more. If you need one, IM me (Chobii) and I'll send you the blank card to send back!

The next store we're going to be reviewing is Violent Seduction. We're looking for people who are interesting in modeling for the blog. Since it's a group blog, I want all of you to be able to stick your faces on it if you want. Message me to show me what you've done with VS's stuff in world if you're interested in being a part of the shoot. <3