Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A more in depth look at the 'Lolita' Genre fair.

So we all know how much of a meanie I am when it comes to the 'rules' Lolitas 'should' follow when dressing in the fashion, and how much I hate when people decide just because they think it's cute, they can slut it up and call it the same because it looks similar.

These reasons were why I initially frowned upon the entire genre event. Sneaker heels? Really? How is that Lolita? Well I was later told by someone else that it was supposed to be a mix of cotton candy and Lolita, so basically any pastel item was being accepted.

I, of course, popped in to grab Violent Seduction's dress and bounced, thinking NOTHING of the rest of the event. Then Psyche IM'd into my life and showed me a few of the outfits she'd thrown together from the fair. They were good. I was surprised. They also fit the rules near perfectly.

So I went back and gave it another shot, a few of the girls from the group and I got a couple of the dresses and market place/in world shopped for ways to create our own looks from the outfits in the fair.

The Genre fair runs from the 15th of the month until the 12th of the following month, and takes up a different genre of style each month. Meaning, after the 12th these dresses will be returning to their parent stores for whatever price their creators want to sell them for. The price limit for the fair is 100L so for right now you can get the base dresses from all of these looks for 100L~

Friday, July 19, 2013

Remember our sleep over?

Well I totally ran into an adorable store after Katat0nik's last notice, about the hair she made for the femboy hunt. I'm a curious one so when I heard she meshed a hair after so long I just -had- to see. I went to her store, and from there the blog, and while peeping at her hair I noticed the most adorable ice cream hair bow headband. (I'm sure some of you remember me whining about it in chat. XD!) Welllll, not only does she have adorable headbands, but she also has some cute accessories. Socks and animal face slippers being two of my -favorites!- I had such a hard time finding sleep wear for the slumber party that I redid my whole outfit from it with the new slippers. I totally couldn't find a comfortable looking shirt to go under the tank, so it'll have to do. I'm still on the hunt though!

It makes me want to have another sleep over, andand I just might because of them. >~<!!!

(Also sporting one of Rosy Mood's hairs for the Hair faaaiiirr!)

She's got hair bows, leg bands, some fur tails, anime emote blind folds, and a few other cute things in her store. I recommend giving it a look to add some cute flare, especially to any decora lovers out there!

The owner of NoRe also wanted me to let people know that she's interested in doing some free art commissions for practice! I have a NC of all of her terms and conditions for anyone who likes their individual SL looks captured in art forrrevverrr~ She's also willing to do fur. IM me for Note caards. :]


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A few goodies for Lolitas!

 Fauxlita event anyone? Well, apparently it's a cotton candy and Lolita theme, but there is hardly any actual Lolita there unless it's pre-bought mesh dresses with textures thrown on them. ASIDE FROM Violent Seduction's Rosearie dress, which took my breath awaaayy. It got Saka and I so giddy that we dress a few people up and had a little tea partyyy~ Unfortunately due to time zones two of the people bailed early. ;A;

There are also a few other pretty cute dresses at that little thing, which I'll leave a SLURL to at the bottom of this. I'm a hater, we all know this, but even I have to say a couple of the other dresses were cute if worn and not categorized as Lolita. There are also some pretty eyes, a cute necklace, a little tiara, and a couple maid uniforms that are pretty cute. There is also a dress that would be a decent JKS if worn with a blouse, and a bunch more. GO CHECK IT OUT~ From what I saw, most items were $100L a color. For an original mesh dress, that's amazing. Igotallfivecolorsit'ssocute.

Speaking of Violent Seduction, The designer is now added to our group as a designer! Along with Jinn from Wishbox, Pidgeon from Katatonik, Sherry from Ambrosia, Milo from Bubblez's Design and others I can't think of, I'm so sorry anyone I forgot to mention. I want to thank all of you for bringing us adorable clothes to run around in.

On the topic of Wishbox, Jinn put one of her BEAUTIFUL Charm dresses out as a gift!~ I do advise anyone to pick that up because it's super cute!

Last, but not least, is that the hair fair is in SL again until the 28th! Each designer involved donates a portion of sales to "Kids with Wigs", and a bunch of awesome designers like Rosy Mood, Alice Project, Ploom, D!va, Wasabi Pills, and Lamb are there with hair styles that are exclusive to the hair fair! I haven't been able to explore it fully, but I loved the styles D!va and Alice Project had. I had to pick them up as a preview to get you in; LOOK AT THESE PIGTAILS. (The Diva style is the bun I'm wearing in the mint Rosearie dress from VS) <333 Go support kids with cancer!

I have shoulder issues at the moment that are keeping me from being as frequent with this as I'd like, but Saka and I are back for the most part so store lists will be coming out again and I will be trying to get the group more active! Another update will come soon, as I've yet to completely store hop due to laaaaag monsters.

I will defeat it though, I'm a lv.99 white mage summoner. D; <3



(Check out Versailles! The underbust skirt with a blouse looks amazing, but I'll cover that later WITH pictures. :D!)