Sunday, October 20, 2013


It's been a while, and we've had a few meets but the turns outs have been a little so so, so I haven't been taking many pictures. I think we need a little better communication throughout the group if we're going to have a really successful coming together of the community. So, NC Chobii! When are meets best for you? What are some reasons you do/don't want to go? What are some concerns you have? What are some things you're looking for in the group?

That's not the main point of this update though, the main point is THE RMK HUUUUNT~

I've been spazzing about this a little bit in the group chat because I find it to be a ton of fun, but I haven't gotten to saying anything here. A few of the group members and I dolled up the lolita prizes from the event so we could share them with you!

First is RMK's prize with one of Half Deer's cute pumpkin prizes, beside that is Violent Seduction's Nosferatu in LAVENDER, a limited color found only at the RMK event. Next up is Frozen Night's mesh outfit for boys with Dimbula Rose's outfits top hat, followed by Blue Blood's outfit showing off the Lolita Skirt and Likka Houses' Bunny Outfit Prize's top for a little more modesty. Lastly is Dimbula Rose's dress. All of these prizes are F R E E guys, all you have to do is put in the time. To make things -even easier- for you, here are some helpful links.

 (So you know how many tickets to collect and where to redeem your prizes!) Skulls that are not on the RMK sim are at the store's main shop which is linked on the sponsor's page.

Get on out there before these quality lolita items are no longer within FREE grasp! (Or grasp at all considering they're all limited items. XD!)


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Violent Seduction Store Review~

Hey guys! We have another store review for you~ Aren't you excited?
Yes, it's that time again. Store Review time where we show you a few looks by one of the designers listed on our store list and tell you all a little bit about the store, in case you haven't gone to see the store yet for yourself! O:

This time the store review is for Violent Seduction, and if the name itself hasn't gotten you into the store, this review should!

Violent Seduction is a store for those girls who like to show off their sexy side as much as they like to reign in the elegance of a proper lolita look. Sgt. Pepper, the owner, does mostly Gothic looks (Lolita being an option in nearly every one of her pieces) though there are also a bit of cute things in the mix as well. The store is run by an amazing and kind lolita irl who is very friendly and approachable! We are always amazed with how she manages to do everything she does in her store on top of everything else she does irl, such as teaching a college class and running a rl lolita store (which you all should totally check out- Harajuku Station ).

Pepper's SL store specializes in elegant and beautiful high quality lolita dresses. There are a large mix of styles, such as gothic, classic, ero, guro, steampunk and more! When you walk inside you feel as though you're enveloped by your inner darkness by all the black, setting the mood for the dark colors of the dresses and items. The colors she picks out for each dress are always beautiful, stunning, and match the overall look of the store. Aside from her lolita looks, she has a few casual and sailor outfits, shoes, and a couple gacha as well.

If you walk into the back yard of the store, you will see a beautiful open area with a caravan full of sweets, a cafe-like area, and overall just a very appealing view with soft pastel colors surrounding it. Pepper was both kind and generous enough to allow us to use this place for meets in the lolita group! Also, she decorated it just for that occasion. Isn't that awesome?

The prices are on the higher side for this store, but if you can afford them, they are definitely worth every linden spent (Saka and Cho can both vouch for it!) As they say, the more you pay, the higher the quality. This is definitely the case with Violent Seduction. We both agree that we would give this store a 10/10, and anxiously await every new release! If you don't believe us, go take a look at the store for yourself!

On top of each of the dresses having stunning quality, they also give you various options so each item purchased can be more than one outfit. As we all know, sex sells on SL so each of Pepper's dresses have a sexy option as well as being easily made to look like a proper lolita dress with the addition of a few simple aspects. (Blouse, hair stuff, accessories, ect.) It makes everything very versatile and gives us the options of being simple and sexy or gorgeous and elegant; whatever's on your mind!

As stated, once Pepper was invited to the group and we started talking, she was immediately on board to bring the lolita community on second life together. She decorated the back yard of her store with an inviting and sweet look to go hand in hand with her gothic store interior and the front of her store that also has a little cafe look with chairs set out. She's offered the place up as a lolita hang out, so any time you're free or want to idle out pop on over to enjoy the scenery and possibly meet other lolitas who are doing the same!

As shown in the pictures above, Pepper's lolita items will be growing as she continues her line. Up soon are some things I'm sure everyone will love! Get your friends ready, because she'll be having Gachas lolitas will diiie for. She's shown in some of her upcoming items above in the orange pigtails! Please note that the cream version of the Versailles dress that's shown on Psyche is no longer available, but all of the darker colors shown earlier are.

We hope you enjoyed our store review~ Go give Pepper some love and enjoy the space she's offered for us and take a look at her amazing clothing.

As always, thank you to our wonderful models. Sgt. Pepper, Rose, Taikia, Yui, Psyche, Aubry, Saka, Caxy and Chobii.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Saka's Gothic Themed Meet~

I have to say, even when we have small parties, I have a blast. I really like seeing the different looks that people come up with, it's always super awe inspiring to me.

..and I usually want to squeeze everyone until the point they can't breathe.

The last meet we had was at Saka's, again, and due to the lag there she actually upgraded her land (Probably for others reasons as well but let's be vain and say it's about lag. XD!) so her next party should be somewhere that gives everyone a little more breathing room and gives your SL an easier time!

The themed events seem to be going over well, from the feedback I'm getting from those who can attend. We've realized by trying another Thursday night meet that the best time for a larger amount of you to get together is late Friday nights/early in the day Saturday for those in the Japanesy time zones. However this leaves our lovely Euros out of the fun. Because of this I will be making and giving out officer applications for people to host parties at better time for the Euros during the weekend (Or other times if they want) while I'm not around. :] Please IM me (Chobii) if interested.

As always with every event, someone's total adorableness stood out to us... and if I'd have been giving a prize out for best dressed Sou would have gotten it for sure last time. His outfit from The Black Canary (WE MISS THEM SO DEARLY ;A;) was amazingly paired with Lo*Momo's mesh boots. His Elegant gothic attire took my breath away, personally, and it's pretty hard for a male avatar on SL to impress me. XD! Good Job, Sou. Please don't be too embarrassed, but you were so cute I haaave to show everyone! <3

Twins one meet and Triplets the next! This time Saka, Psyche, and I all dressed in G Field's Julia dresses in different colors with all the exact same accessories! It was super fun. QUADRUPLETS NEXT TIME? WHO IS DOWN? Not really (YESREALLY) the whole point of mentioning that is because we were talking and the topic of what makes classic lolita classic lolita and what makes gothic lolita gothic lolita? I mean, of course the standard guidelines of the fashion are to be followed, but beyond that what breaks them apart fully? We were all in agreement that the style of the dress reminded us more of classical than gothic, but because of the darker colors we were wearing we all chose it for gothic. O:

Psyche made a joke about it being the blind leading the blind. Which, well, in a way is true. Not leading in the terms that I'm trying to dictate what sub style of lolita everyone wears, but in running the group and making themes for meets... I'm a little out of touch with what falls into each individual style... and it seems I'm not alone! O:

Before we came across this, Elize gave me the wonderful idea of giving out a note card with references to lolita sites showing the lolita guidelines for those new to the fashion that were interested in it, giving everyone the opportunity to find all the sources I've found in my lengthy lolita adoration period. Psyche, Saka, and I are working out a set of note cards for just that, but the fact that Psyche said it was like the blind leading the blind.... I got another great idea!~

I'm going to begin monthly casual lolita meets, where people can come in whatever they're most comfortable in and bring friends that they think may be interested in the fashion. In these meets we're going to be going over the lolita guidelines and explaining the backing behind them, then we'll begin breaking down different sub styles of lolita to help you and us better understand them so that we can put better outfits together and get names of certain things to hopefully find them in SL easier, hm? :D! I do hope a lot of you will come to these, even if you do decide to in lolita dresses over casual clothes! <3
(If you'd like to help with these, please IM Chobii as we will be needing models in each of the sub styles as we go over them! O:)

The next event we're having is going to be an autumn themed one! I'm working on getting the date set. Violent Seduction store review is next!! O:


My blog for a peak at the blouses!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Elize's parties!

Hey all, Saka here reporting! (I sound like a police officer..) 

On Thursday last week, we had an awesome party on the beach dressed in adorable swimsuits at Elize's lovely place, where we danced to our heart's content and Elize herself DJed a bunch of awesome anime tunes for us. There were tons of refreshments (including giant cupcakes, which Chobii indulged herself in.. xD!) and even some hilariously fun moments with driving around on broken sharks in the water and bumping into each other! Well okay, not all of them were broken, but a few were spinning around and around in circles. The minute I saw it it made me dizzy.. @__@; But it was still hilarious!

Elize made some wonderfully cute towels for us as a gift for coming, as well. If you were unable to make it to the party but wanted to have one for yourself (or just forgot to grab one!), please feel free to send Chobii a NC and she'll send one over to you~

Everyone loved the meet so much that they yet another party was hosted at Elize's on Saturday. This time it was in an adorable little skybox we set up on her land, where we pranced around, had a nice chat and some tea in our sweet lolita coords! The place was decorated (by yours truly!) to match the theme as well! While we were there, both Psyche and Chobii twinned it up, wearing adorable matching outfits from Honey Kitty! Both of them spent a total of two hours also adding some really cute and colorful stars to their hair to match the outfits~ Everyone else of course, also looked awesome in their sweet coords! We all had a great time, and the party involved more dancing and DJing by Elize herself, which included more awesome anime tunes, and she even took requests~ We got some Chobits music going on up in there! 8D

We'll be having a meet tonight at my house (again) in gothic lolita theme, so be sure to put on your best gothic lolita dresses and come on down at 5PM SLT~ We hope you can make it, and we're super happy you all are enjoying the meets. We're having a blast with them too! <3

-Saka (and Cho!)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Summer Swimwear!!

One of the times I was hanging out on my friend Lele's beach, I got to thinking about lolita swimwear...

Did lolitas go out in bloomers and petticoats to splash around in the big ol' blue? I'd never seen any lolita swimwear before... was it a swimwear-less fashion?

Well, Pepper from Violent Seduction, who is an adoorable irl lolita, linked me to some cute lolita swimsuits on a blog she'd once seen.

It got me to thinking of the different things I've seen in the stores that carry cute and lolita like clothes that I go to. None of the extremely dedicated stores house swimsuits, but those do... and surprisingly some of them looked pretty similar to what Pepper had shown me.

A few of the girls and myself got together and popped on some swimsuits. With summer ending and fall coming in, we'll spend a whole lot of time bundled up, so I wanted to show off some cute and still... slightly... modest (For some of them x3!) looks that we'd come across!

It seems a whole bunch of places offer swimsuits that aren't your typical run of the mud string bikini~ Ambrosia has some amazingly cute strapless swimsuits with flowers and a skirt. Lo*Momo has a cute and frilly two piece on its second floor (It's on saaalee!) HalHina is offering some swim suits with skirts. Katat0nik has adorable sailor swimsuits with a higher waist and a lower chest that help to keep your modesty. (Also a super cute umbrellaa!) G Field has a mesh two-piece with a frilled skirt that comes in both rigged mesh and unrigged, so it can be made to fit any shape. (Even fur mesh shapes!)

My friend whose sim I was on when I thought about all of this, offers super adorable one pieces! One is in with one of her dresses, so it comes with a full on skirt for when you're not in the water! She also has some really cute frilled swimsuits in her beach shop which is what I was trying on. I'm most excited about her flip flops though, because they're the cutest flip flops I've seen so far in SL.

Summer is ending, and so is our ability to frolic around in swimsuits and be free and adorable at the same time! Elize hosted a beach party for us last week that turned out really well and was so much fun she asked to host another meet the following Saturday (Which was yesterday~) I'll have pictures of those up in the next few days~

While all hope seems lost, it is not! There is still a summer event that I know of that is going to be super fun! Saucey Sinister (The Lele I mention from time to time) is hosting a Summer Do-Over event, for those of us who just don't want to say goodbye yet! She's listed on HuntSL, and information about the event can be obtained through either she or I in world. Her blog will also keep you updated, so visit DoLlYpOp!! (Merchants are welcome, so if you wanna come sell some cutie swimsuits that I haven't shown yet, contact Lele for some information!)

This shoot was a lot of fun, and I really enjoy the swimsuits shown off. I hope you all liked them as well~ As always, thank you to our lovely models and to see more from them visit their blogs!


Want to know who is wearing what? Want to join our shoots? Ask Chobii! I have some special fun planned as far as pictures go, but but for now, the next shoot is scheduled to be a store review for Violent Seduction.

Have a Violent Seduction look you wanna show off with us, so others can see the amazing work that can be done with Pepper's dresses? IM Chobii for details. <33!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Saka's Tea Party!

I'm very happy to see the idea of parties is both welcomed and enjoyed by the members.

Soon after Mary had her's, Saka offered to host one at her house as well. It was last Friday at 7:30PM SLT. We had quite a little turn out!

There was a lot of talk about the looks everyone was wearing, as well as a irl lolita dress spam once Pepper asked if anyone else irl Lolita'd and Psyche chimed in that she did! The dresses were to die for, I want them alll. ;A;
(Psyche, by the way, models with us a lot and has a lolita blog of her own which is located @ Love Little Lolita She has awesome looks, so give her a peak!)

The best dressed contest was won by Lin who, despite being pretty quiet until addressed because her cuteness hit me like a wave once my lag subsided, was off in a corner and making it hard for me to get pictures of her! Jkjk, I got one. <3

I got to know a few of the members more, and we are planning more get togethers in different places, so that lolitas will have a face on Second Life! (Or so that's my hope anyway. >///<~!)

On a random note, Caxy was wearing one of his newly finished fur mods with one of HK's dresses and looked friggin' ADORABLLLE. Caxy's mods are for sale if you contact him (Caxy's the name in SL x3) and I think the one he's showing off would be awesome on any fur trying to do a sweet lolita look. Hng. <3

We're having another meet tomorrow night at 7:30PM SLT again, I hope to see a lot of you there! <3

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mary's Tea Paaarttyy!!!

One of the changes I'm making to the group is something that was offered to us before, but seeing as we had land for the group and I had a lot going on at the time, it was declined.

This is the ability to host lolita gatherings in your own home or on your own sim that will be discussed between myself and whoever would like to host one, and then inform the group.

The first person to have the honor of hosting one, was the person who originally asked if they could do so- Mary.

Last Friday at 12pm SLT, a few of us gathered at Mary's place for some casual conversation and tea in one of her many sitting rooms~

We had a 'best dressed' contest that went on, and while we were there, someone else donated 100L to the pot. Which, with my input and Mary's input, left it at a total of 300L prize just for hanging out!

Vincent (Vivi), being our only gentleman in anything remotely victorian/lolita, and Betty, who showed off not only one, but three different outfits all decked out with accessories to match, ended up being the prize winners and splitting the 300L prize!

Mary was also playing some music while we were there, letting us in on her musical tastes~

Lovebug hopped on my account while I was making us lunch, because he stayed home from work sick, and ended up having even more conversation with everyone than I had myself! (I'm having shoulder pains. <..3)

We're planning another one at the moment, and Mary's even offered to allow her home to be a hangout for lolitas. As soon as I can get the details discussed with her, I'll put more information on here.

Once the next party is all set, I'll be sending out a notice, so keep an eye out! <3 I hope to see more of you at our next meet!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Ambrosia Store Review!

It's taken me quite a while to finally get on to this, mostly due to the release of Tales of Xillia, but I've finally gotten all the pictures taken and readied!

The first time Saka and I took a shot at this, I wasn't really pleased with the outcome, and I felt that better could be done. With that in mind I'm going back over and reviewing a lot of, if not all of, the stores listed on the Lolita Store list released in July. I'm doing this in hopes of not only showing off the multiple lolita looks that can be made from these stores, but also to inspire creativity to all of those who want to frill themselves up in petticoats and bows.

...and other Lolita stuff but let's face it, bows are my favorite. XD! <3

A lot of things are changing with the group right now. Title changes and a logo change being one of the first~

Please note that the hearts over Saka's face were meant to be a sign of respect. When certain things happened there was no way to ensure that using her face was alright, therefore it was been blocked out. It will not be blocked out in future blog posts~



Ambrosia is a store for cute girls clothes run by a Japanese designer who, despite not speaking English very well, is very friendly and welcoming when spotted in her store. Most of her new releases are made in a special color and available as group gifts on her lucky boards. She also runs frequent group hunts, none of which I remember being paid hunts. They are also not impossible, which I adore. I don't have the willpower to push myself through too difficult a hunt.

Aside from the hunts and lucky baords, which offer those who not only frequent her store and are apart of her group's awesome goodies, she is like the -master- of making cute accessories to go with her outfits. All of which are put in gachas in the many colors of the outfits for us to play a mix and match game with our friends while we try to collect them all. Seriously, gacha remind me of my pokemon days.

I have to have them all. <_<;

Now, Ambrosia doesn't specialize in Lolita clothes, but there are very few stores in Second Life that do. Her clothes can -easily- be made into cute lolita looks with the addition of a blouse, over the knee socks, and appropriate foot wear. She already makes adorable hair bows and hair pieces that fit in with the lolita theme and match many of her outfits. Aside from bringing us cute clothes we can work with, she also makes clothes for anyone who wants to look cute in general. She also has a mini chapel area where she has formal and wedding attire. In her store, you'll also find cute summer clothes, a school uniform, idol, and punk looking clothes, along with classy and warm winter looking clothes. The store is well rounded with a little something for everyone, and the prices make a broke SLian(My word for SL peoples) -very- happy.

There is a corner of the store that is set up as a scene to match the seasons, usually, that is nice for just relaxing in while waiting for the LB or for taking pictures in. While we were there, it was a cute little sweets table, and we hung out for a while between pictures! <3

If Ambrosia's prices weren't already fair and appealing enough as is, there is also an outlet store where she houses her season pieces that people may have missed, along with some of the items she's remade and/or redesigned with the originals for a cheaper price. Some of the older and more popular group gifts are also available there, so definitely worth taking a look around!

I don't want to give a number scale, but all in all I think Ambrosia is a great store. I love their clothes, accessories, and how easy everything is to work with.

Don't just take my word for it. Go take a look yourself! <3


I've been resending the Meet-A-Lolita cards! I'm going to be doing a post with them soon, since I'm hoping to gather a few more. If you need one, IM me (Chobii) and I'll send you the blank card to send back!

The next store we're going to be reviewing is Violent Seduction. We're looking for people who are interesting in modeling for the blog. Since it's a group blog, I want all of you to be able to stick your faces on it if you want. Message me to show me what you've done with VS's stuff in world if you're interested in being a part of the shoot. <3

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A more in depth look at the 'Lolita' Genre fair.

So we all know how much of a meanie I am when it comes to the 'rules' Lolitas 'should' follow when dressing in the fashion, and how much I hate when people decide just because they think it's cute, they can slut it up and call it the same because it looks similar.

These reasons were why I initially frowned upon the entire genre event. Sneaker heels? Really? How is that Lolita? Well I was later told by someone else that it was supposed to be a mix of cotton candy and Lolita, so basically any pastel item was being accepted.

I, of course, popped in to grab Violent Seduction's dress and bounced, thinking NOTHING of the rest of the event. Then Psyche IM'd into my life and showed me a few of the outfits she'd thrown together from the fair. They were good. I was surprised. They also fit the rules near perfectly.

So I went back and gave it another shot, a few of the girls from the group and I got a couple of the dresses and market place/in world shopped for ways to create our own looks from the outfits in the fair.

The Genre fair runs from the 15th of the month until the 12th of the following month, and takes up a different genre of style each month. Meaning, after the 12th these dresses will be returning to their parent stores for whatever price their creators want to sell them for. The price limit for the fair is 100L so for right now you can get the base dresses from all of these looks for 100L~

Friday, July 19, 2013

Remember our sleep over?

Well I totally ran into an adorable store after Katat0nik's last notice, about the hair she made for the femboy hunt. I'm a curious one so when I heard she meshed a hair after so long I just -had- to see. I went to her store, and from there the blog, and while peeping at her hair I noticed the most adorable ice cream hair bow headband. (I'm sure some of you remember me whining about it in chat. XD!) Welllll, not only does she have adorable headbands, but she also has some cute accessories. Socks and animal face slippers being two of my -favorites!- I had such a hard time finding sleep wear for the slumber party that I redid my whole outfit from it with the new slippers. I totally couldn't find a comfortable looking shirt to go under the tank, so it'll have to do. I'm still on the hunt though!

It makes me want to have another sleep over, andand I just might because of them. >~<!!!

(Also sporting one of Rosy Mood's hairs for the Hair faaaiiirr!)

She's got hair bows, leg bands, some fur tails, anime emote blind folds, and a few other cute things in her store. I recommend giving it a look to add some cute flare, especially to any decora lovers out there!

The owner of NoRe also wanted me to let people know that she's interested in doing some free art commissions for practice! I have a NC of all of her terms and conditions for anyone who likes their individual SL looks captured in art forrrevverrr~ She's also willing to do fur. IM me for Note caards. :]


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A few goodies for Lolitas!

 Fauxlita event anyone? Well, apparently it's a cotton candy and Lolita theme, but there is hardly any actual Lolita there unless it's pre-bought mesh dresses with textures thrown on them. ASIDE FROM Violent Seduction's Rosearie dress, which took my breath awaaayy. It got Saka and I so giddy that we dress a few people up and had a little tea partyyy~ Unfortunately due to time zones two of the people bailed early. ;A;

There are also a few other pretty cute dresses at that little thing, which I'll leave a SLURL to at the bottom of this. I'm a hater, we all know this, but even I have to say a couple of the other dresses were cute if worn and not categorized as Lolita. There are also some pretty eyes, a cute necklace, a little tiara, and a couple maid uniforms that are pretty cute. There is also a dress that would be a decent JKS if worn with a blouse, and a bunch more. GO CHECK IT OUT~ From what I saw, most items were $100L a color. For an original mesh dress, that's amazing. Igotallfivecolorsit'ssocute.

Speaking of Violent Seduction, The designer is now added to our group as a designer! Along with Jinn from Wishbox, Pidgeon from Katatonik, Sherry from Ambrosia, Milo from Bubblez's Design and others I can't think of, I'm so sorry anyone I forgot to mention. I want to thank all of you for bringing us adorable clothes to run around in.

On the topic of Wishbox, Jinn put one of her BEAUTIFUL Charm dresses out as a gift!~ I do advise anyone to pick that up because it's super cute!

Last, but not least, is that the hair fair is in SL again until the 28th! Each designer involved donates a portion of sales to "Kids with Wigs", and a bunch of awesome designers like Rosy Mood, Alice Project, Ploom, D!va, Wasabi Pills, and Lamb are there with hair styles that are exclusive to the hair fair! I haven't been able to explore it fully, but I loved the styles D!va and Alice Project had. I had to pick them up as a preview to get you in; LOOK AT THESE PIGTAILS. (The Diva style is the bun I'm wearing in the mint Rosearie dress from VS) <333 Go support kids with cancer!

I have shoulder issues at the moment that are keeping me from being as frequent with this as I'd like, but Saka and I are back for the most part so store lists will be coming out again and I will be trying to get the group more active! Another update will come soon, as I've yet to completely store hop due to laaaaag monsters.

I will defeat it though, I'm a lv.99 white mage summoner. D; <3



(Check out Versailles! The underbust skirt with a blouse looks amazing, but I'll cover that later WITH pictures. :D!)


Monday, February 4, 2013


I feel like such a failure when it comes to the group, and I have to apologize because I suddenly decided to run away to help a good friend of mine, Zroxxus, get his apartment together. I'm sure some of you remember him from prancing around the hangout in Lolita dresses with us. BROLITAAA. <3

I also needed to get away from the madness that is my life, because I have a lot of crap going on that I don't really want to publicly discuss; it's not that bad so no needless worries... but it does cause me to disappear sometimes. I've also been ill, so despite having my computer here with me, I've been sleeping quite a bit.


Please feel free to hang out in the HANGOUT (lolwordplay) whenever you guys want to! The more we get together, the happier we'll be!!

Speaking of getting together, Saka and I will be opening our store soon! In order to celebrate, we're going to be having a sleep over party on the 9th starting at about 11AM SLT/2pm EST (We like to sleep late)!

Yes, the first SL Lolita gathering will be an awesome sleep over party (Meaning we're going to have our lights all set to night and be partying in Pajamas!) Why Pajamas, you say? Because why not! Let's get comfortable and get to know each other! :DD

At the sleep over we're going to have pillow fights, stories by the fire, camping bags and tents for people to sleep in. Come in your favorite nightie or pajamas! Lolita attire is NOT required, considering it would be a little stifling to sleep in all those layers.

Those who do end up putting together a pretty amazing looking lolita ensemble will be rewarded though, as we're going to have a best looking Lolita Nightgown contest! In order to enter the contest you need to NC a picture of your avatar to Chobii to be reviewed with Saka. Winner will be announced on the 10th.

We have exciting things to reveal at the party, so make sure to pop in at some point that day and hang out a little bit to get our awesome NC about the updates coming for the group.

I'll give you a few hints- they're cute, wearable, and can help shape any Lolita into a proper Lolita with the right adjustments~ They will also help bring the community together, if you choose to stay... ;D

We hope to see you then!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Much needed Update!!

Forgive the delay, my fellow petti-coat prancing loves! Saka and I have been very busy trying to take the suggestions from the Meet-A-Lolita and the things being asked for in the chat to turn the group into something that all SL Lolitas will love!!

First comes first, we've had a couple updates since my last update.

RMK Came out with a new dress in two colors and an amazing looking mesh jacket that any male Lolita would love to dolt around in casually!

As usual with updates comes reviews. I've only gotten one dress from RMK so far but I went nuts on their gachas for hair bows. I really love the dress I got from them. It's well made and beautiful. Only problem I had with it was the attachment position they originally gave it; it made sitting look odd in every position. After a quick change of that I had no complaints! Will be buying more from them in the future!

Wishbox came out with another delicious Lolita design, and paired it with an amazing pair of rocking horse shoes!! The shoes are mesh and are beautiful! One of our very own Lolitas made a beautiful coordinate with the new dress and paired it with a lace undershirt! Awesome job, Rowan!

I love, love, love Wishbox's clothes. I own about three or four of her non-lolita dresses and about four, perhaps more, of her Lolita dresses. I love the way they come together and the delicate prints on some of them. They don't move too much and sway elegantly. I can't wait to get her newest dress and play with it a bit now that I've seen Rowan's little put together!

HAPPY NEW YEAR LOLITAS~ (I missed making a blog post for this, forgive me.)

Saka and I have made Lolitasoloutions! Lolita related resoloutions with this new coming year!

We've decided to go opposite our norm and wear Lolita styles we hardly ever wear! She went sweet and I went gothic!!

Do any of you have Lolita themed resoloutions? Let us know, by sending Ncs to Chobii!

Last but oh so not least, I got MORE Meet-A-Lolita cards from people. I love reading these so I'm really happy we got more!

So here are a few more of our dear members!

- Endo Constantine
Name preferred:
- Moriko
- California, USA
Favorite types of Lolita;
- Classic, Guro and Sweet Lolita
Do you Lolita IRL?
- When I can afford to!~
How often do you dress in Lolita in SL?
- When my outfit matches the mood or particular sim I'm visiting.
Favorite Lolita store;
- IRL, Moi-même-Moitié and Angelic Pretty. In SL, I don't know of many strictly Lolita stores, but I like Edelweiss, katat0nik and The Black Canary.
- I'm not sure what this question is asking ;3;
Least Favorites;
- ??
Favorite color to wear;
- Blush, dusty rose, black
Favorite patterns to see on Lolita dresses;
- I don't like overall patterns, but I like prints at the bottom (such as bunnies on a field, a cathedral, etc.)
Favorite types of Lolita accessories;
- Big rockinghorse shoes, large bows, lace, pearls, cute purses, parisols
Willing to accept friendships from other Lolitas on SL?
- Yes~
What is it that you think SL is lacking most for Lolitas?
- A variety of different kinds. There is a lot of gothic and punk lolita-esque stores, but not many of the other types.
What got you into the Lolita Fashion?
- I've loved Japan since I was a child, and eventually discovered lolita.
Why do you like Lolita?
- It is beautiful, sophisticated, fun and carefree!
How long have you been interested in Lolita?
- Six or so years.
What would you like to see come of this group?
  • I'd like more lolita fans to come together and host lolita events! Tea parties, hang outs, etc

Username: Katerina Strzelecki

Name preferred: Kat

Location; Canada

Favorite types of Lolita;

Do you Lolita IRL?

How often do you dress in Lolita in SL?

Favorite Lolita store;
Wretched Dollies. Such an excellent blend of historic and Lolita

Least Favorites;
Wishbox : ( Her things are gorgeous, but the owner muted me when I kindly informed her that her script remover was faulty.

Favorite color to wear;

Favorite patterns to see on Lolita dresses;
Gingham Style! Now we don't have to put a date on this note ; )

Favorite types of Lolita accessories;
Good hairclips

Willing to accept friendships from other Lolitas on SL?
Yes very much.

What is it that you think SL is lacking most for Lolitas?
Modest clothing styles.

What got you into the Lolita Fashion?
Old movies

Why do you like Lolita?
Lolita is ornate, yet freeing.

How long have you been interested in Lolita?
About 10 years

What would you like to see come of this group?
A chance to meet friends and support venues

Username: Rowan.Scarborough
Name preferred: Rowan or Doll
Location; Sandrine
Favorite types of Lolita; Hime, Classic, Sweet, Gothic, Qi
Do you Lolita IRL? Occasionally
How often do you dress in Lolita in SL? Quite a bit.
Favorite Lolita store; Dimbula_Rose
Favorites; Chocolate, Fashion, Kerli, robots, hiking
Least Favorites; Relatives, messes
Favorite color to wear; blue
Favorite patterns to see on Lolita dresses; chess
Favorite types of Lolita accessories; Panniers, bags, SOCKS.
Willing to accept friendships from other Lolitas on SL? Sure!
What is it that you think SL is lacking most for Lolitas? innovation. So much inspiration is out there RL. Time to get creative!
What got you into the Lolita Fashion? FRUITS magazine
Why do you like Lolita? It's magical. I can be fluffy and silly and lovely, and express my fantastical self.
How long have you been interested in Lolita? 10+ years
What would you like to see come of this group? Not only the finding of new stores, but the building of new designers.

Username: yumi wickentower

Name preferred: yum.

Location; spain

Favorite types of Lolita; gothic lolita and sweet lolita mainly

Do you Lolita IRL? : nope but i wish on another life

How often do you dress in Lolita in SL? : always as possible

Favorite Lolita store; edelweiss

Favorites; bare rose, honey kitty, etc...

Least Favorites; i don't remember now

Favorite color to wear; black or pink

Favorite patterns to see on Lolita dresses; is variable

Favorite types of Lolita accessories; anything

Willing to accept friendships from other Lolitas on SL?: yes

What is it that you think SL is lacking most for Lolitas?: lolitas need a sim itself especially for those who do not speak in Japanese, a great meeting point away from the AV's that can not annoy or harass.

What got you into the Lolita Fashion?

Why do you like Lolita?: mainly elegance and what's behind beyond the dressing style

How long have you been interested in Lolita?: since I was 9 years in RL

What would you like to see come of this group?:Many things interest me and other Av's special to know that also dress up all the time lolitas inworld regardless of the opinions of others

Username: Riku Kristan
Name preferred: Riri
Location; USA
Favorite types of Lolita; Hime, Sweet, Deco
Do you Lolita IRL? I used to, but then I stopped dressing as such,but I've always been a lolita at heart.
How often do you dress in Lolita in SL? Lolita is my favorite style,but I also dress as others.
Favorite Lolita store; Edelweiss
Favorites; Dimbula Rosa, Lo*momo, Katatonik
Least Favorites; n/a
Favorite color to wear; Pink, White, pastels
Favorite patterns to see on Lolita dresses; Simple, not too over patterned. I love lace though!
Favorite types of Lolita accessories; bows,ribbons, flowers, tiaras, hand bags
Willing to accept friendships from other Lolitas on SL? [Yes]
What is it that you think SL is lacking most for Lolitas? [a social group!]
What got you into the Lolita Fashion? I used to collect porcelain dolls as a childs, and loved the way they dressed.
Why do you like Lolita?[ It's a very elegant fashions style.]
How long have you been interested in Lolita? [10 years]
What would you like to see come of this group? [Sure. ^_^]

Username: Akaysha Resident
Name preferred: Akaysha
Location; New England, US
Favorite types of Lolita; OTT Sweet lolita, some EGL
Do you Lolita IRL? Nope.
How often do you dress in Lolita in SL? about 60% of the time.
Favorite Lolita store; Honey Kitty
Favorites; Chocolate, cuddles, hanging out with friends.
Least Favorites; Fake/mean people
Favorite color to wear; Baby pink in lolita, hot pink and black out of lolita
Favorite patterns to see on Lolita dresses; Candy anything
Favorite types of Lolita accessories; Bows and lace.I also have a soft spot for decora done well.
Willing to accept friendships from other Lolitas on SL? After getting to know them some :D
What is it that you think SL is lacking most for Lolitas? Real sweet prints. Angelic pretty / BTSSB inspired stuff
What got you into the Lolita Fashion? I collect BJDs IRL
Why do you like Lolita? I find putting together outfits to be interesting. The attention is nice too.
How long have you been interested in Lolita? About five years.
What would you like to see come of this group? More cute people in adorable clothing!!

I love getting the Meet-A-Lolita cards, so keep sending them guys!

And lastlastlast but not least at all, the hangout that has been requested is up!

Not only is it up, but we've updated it to a beautiful little scene in an awesome tree house! It's still pretty quiet, so come in and give us a shout! We chat in the group chat a lot, so let's open it up in world so I can see how pretty you all are. <3

Be back soon!