Thursday, January 23, 2014

Good Morning!!

I like to stick to my word, and sticking I am! I figure, no better time than today! I want to start showing you guys every release that can be used in lolita. That's right. EVERY RELEASE. It's gonna be hard, but I'm going to do my best.

Now, I don't have all the L in the world, so I can't be first up on blogging -everything- without help. After all, this group is a community. A community for the love of a fashion. In order to help with this..

MEMBERS <3 You lovely will be the heart and soul of everything I do. Taking life into account and my illnesses, because we all know that's taking the biggest toll on me, it's obvious I can't be everywhere at once, or do everything myself. In order to help with the new items that can be used in lolita actually getting blogged quickly you can help by trying to keep me in the know. See something released that can be used for Lolita that hasn't been bloged or sent out in a notice yet by the group? Please NC or IM Chobii with the information. Have the item already and coorded it and want to show it off? Please take pictures and send either them or the links to them on your Flickr to Chobii. Make sure there is at least ONE close up of the item and either a link to your blog for the credits to the item OR list them in a note card. :] Everyone's face is welcome on the group blog.

DESIGNERS <3 Without you we'd have nothing to wear, so you're the most important part of our lives! Or, our pixel lives? If you want to get your items blogged quickly please send noticed out to the group to ensure our members know about them. Keeping within the rules of the lolita fashion. If you're unsure whether or not your item fits? Please NC or IM Chobii to figure it out! As a standard I will say that I won't tell anyone no to skins or most hairs as almost any of either can be used in lolita always. Things sent out in note cards to not have to be complete outfit releases. We love mixing and matching!~ Send out shoes, nails, accessories, jumper skirts, blouses, bags, or plain bell shaped knee length skirts out to the group whenever you make them. <3 Because I do not have all the funds in the world the fastest and easiest way to get an item blogged will be to send it to me as a review item because it will be shown on both my personal AND the lolita blog that way. I, however, do not expect this from anyone so the most helpful will be keeping us in the know as to when you release something!!

Starting it off is an adorable release from Dark Midday Designs. This Cupid Skirt with Bloomers are not only totally adorable but resembling a lot of close lolita fashions! Because of this and their ability to be used under some mesh lolita skirts I've decided to share them with all of you!!! I tried for an Ouji type look, and with Pepper's help I did... okay...? xD I hope you guys enjoy it. Keep an eye out on Chobii's personal blog for details in the outfit in the beginning of next week! <3


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