Monday, February 24, 2014

Fitted Mesh and what it means for you!

Fitted mesh is the next big wave to hit SL, and man is it amazing. This is a brand new skeleton for rigging purposes of creating mesh. This means it works WITH most, if not ALL of the sliders. Works with the bumbum and the booboos. :D Meaning you can keep YOUR SHAPE while wearing BEAUTIFUL MESH products.

It was released about a week or so ago? And Iki from Violent Seduction JUMPED up on that with a test dress that she's put in a Gacha for the low low price of 60L a play. The purpose of this is to get all the bugs fixed before it's moved on to firestorm and gets big, so if you happen to get the dress and have issues with it PLEASE NC Iki about them immediately. Or Chobii if you're shy or something and I'll pass the word on to her.
A few notes from her.

I thought I'd go over what fitted mesh is since it's still quite new and people are getting it confused with Liquid Mesh.

- Fitted Mesh is NOT a hack, it's a new feature in the update of the SL viewer. You may have heard about "Mesh Deformation" and "Liquid Mesh". Fitted Mesh works in the same way but is more powerful since LL has completely changed the SL skeleton to support it.

- Since the skeleton has changed, Fitted mesh now moves with boobs and butts (And other parts not previously supported by liquid mesh). And yes - It supports physics.

- Since Fitted Mesh is so new, I happened to stumble across quite a huge bug in regards to firestorm viewers. Firestorm viewers will crash if you wear fitted mesh around them. I have been contacted by a QA person and provided them some of my finished models so they can test and add the capabilities to firestorm sooner - so hopefully that will be rolled out soon. I don't know if this applies to other viewers.

  • Lastly you will ONLY be able to see and use this in the newest LL viewer.”

At first we thought that meant it just went UP from the original mesh, but our adorable femboy Caxy tested it out because he so dearly wanted to wear Iki's works and learned for us that the sliders work BOTH WAYS. This means you have the freedom of being a fattie-chan like me (and I use the term endearingly because I -like- it), a flattie-chan like Caxy, or a cutie-chan like Lili. I'm wearing my larger shape that I used to show off Rotten Toe's new skin for bigger girls to show that this mesh moves WITH the stomach sliders, giving you a bigger, more round shape. Caxy is one of our cute femboys who has been unable to use mesh SINCE it came out due to not having/wanting boobs. This has left the femboy community in lolita (OUR BROLITAS. ;A;) without much to lolita in! Fitted mesh CHANGES THAT FOR GOOD. :''''D Lili's in her normal shape since I wanted a one of every kind type look. In the Standard sizing I would wear a M/L (though more a M than anything, Lili would wear xxs/s, and Caxy would wear s/m depending on which OC he's wearing. :] This ONE dress fits ALL of us due to this new rigging system. :'D

Make sure you read the notes and the note card before contacting Iki with any issues, and enjoy the final coming of mesh heaven!

We also have a new release by The Sugar Garden!!

Thank you Caxy and Lili for modeling with me. :D

Other credits;

Hair from left to right;
Aiko by LCKY(Limited and unavailable!), Big Doll House by Llamb, and Faye by Ploom

Hair Bows from left to right
Crowned Jeweled hair bow side version by The Sugar Garden, Lo*Momo's Ajuga hair bow B, Crowned Jewel Hair bow Middle version by The Sugar Garden

Socks from left to right,
Toeless sheer stockings by Blah, Prissy Socks by The Sugar Garden, and Gradient Socks by Buttery Toast

Shoes from Left to right
Lolita Platform Pumps by The Sugar Garden, Storybrook Heels by Mango Cheeks


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